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Asiades has its origins more than two centuries ago, where the first out of five generations Hulstein began his career as furniture maker. For generations to come the profession of furniture maker is well bedded within the family. In the city of Apeldoorn, the Netherlands this authentic Dutch craftsmanship came to life. 


The moment Reyer Hulstein, fourth in line, takes fully control he starts focussing on selling furniture rather then actually producing it. Behind the store where the workshop is located, grandfather Hulstein spends his well-earned free hours teaching his grandson Jan Wout (1964) the ropes.


Well considered, Jan Wout chooses not to take over his father's business after he graduates. He decides to explore other possibilities and opportunities within the modern furniture industry. He ends up meeting an importer from Asia who trades in rattan and in 1986 as a hobby so to speak, 


in a shed next to his house, Jan Wout starts to make his own furniture. All the experience and knowledge that his grandfather passed on to him proved to be of great value.


It doesn't take long before Jan Wout can turn his hobby into a real profession. The business flourishes in such way that the demand exceeds the supply. From that moment, Jan Wout decides to change course and to import all his furniture from Asia to be able to satisfy to the demand. 


That appears to be a hit, because in Asia he meets Ceng Candranegra (1957). Unmistak-ably, the two get along very well and 1998 they decide to start a joint venture in Surabaya, Indonesia. Here, Ceng becomes production manager and Jan Wout is in charge of the sales department and the product development process. In 2000 they continue business by the name 'Asiades' while the creative home base in the Netherlands receives the name 'Arocca'. 


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